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Hear what members of our community have to say about high-density in the West End.

Gerard Dusastre

Started our Petition on

215 units proposed by Romanin Contracting and Beachwood Development on Brocks Beach, and a total of 915 units planned or proposed along Beachwood Road on the West End of Wasaga Beach, is uncontrolled, mismanaged, unsustainable high density development, growth and urban sprawl that does not fit the roots, character and life style of this area. Wasaga Beach Mayor and Council should not accept the rezoning from Low Density to High Density. Save Brocks Beach and Beachwood, join our movement, and as a first step - please sign our petition!

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Linda Lesage

Resident on Shore Lane

"We are an evolving community of cottages and homes in close proximity to the Nottawasaga Bay. Our area does not include commercial or service infrastructure; it is known for walking, hiking, biking on the streets. Beachwood Development Inc is planning to “plop” urban sprawl in the midst of an area with single dwelling cottages and homes, and a plot of land identified as an Area of High Aquifer Vulnerability. Each time the landscape is altered I have personally experienced issues with the natural drainage to the Bay, roads flooded on route to my home, deep ditches with fast flowing water. Let’s not ignore what is staring us in the face - climate change and how that it is affecting us today and tomorrow."

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Lisa Hardisty

Lakeshore Road Resident

My name is Lisa Hardisty and I live on Lakeshore Road, off of Beachwood. Our property is a block away from Betty Blvd and the Shore Lane trails. I’m appalled high density housing is being proposed for this area. It’s been bad enough having the new housing development go in all around our property and seeing the destruction of the homes where wildlife resides. This development needs to be built downtown!

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Stephanie Oates

Brock's Beach Resident

"I am a proud 4th generation owner of Brock’s Beach and my children are now the 5th generation to enjoy this beautiful area and all it has to offer. We often walk and bike in the quiet streets and trails near the proposed development, seeking out different wildlife, birds and beautiful flowers. This is truly what this area is known for and special about. Not to mention the quiet serene beach side that it can barely accommodate for the existing neighbourhood. Please be proud of the past as we can’t support the infrastructure or environmental impacts of the future. Thank you kindly."

Mike and Wendy Zettel

Shore Lane Residents

"As long time residents of Shore Lane, we have seen an influx of animal life caused by developments such as the new Highway 26 and Bluewater Shores Subdivision. This proposal as built will forever doom the animal kingdom which inhabits this land, including turtles, snakes, frogs, and many more who depend on proximity to the bay for their health. The area is also a habitat for a great number of birds as winter havens or migration stopovers, many of which are seeing their numbers decline due to development. We have recently rescued a baby Snapping Turtle heading south across Shore Lane from the bay to find a suitable habitat. Any development on these lands will doom these creatures."

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