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A Bit About Us

We are a group of residents and neighbours living in the West End of Wasaga Beach along Shore Lane, Betty Boulevard, Constance Bd, 72nd Street, 74th Street...

In May of 2021, we received a letter in the mail outlining a proposed massive high-density development with 6-storey condos on a property in our area that we all thought of as largely environmentally protected and suitable for maybe a few single family homes.

We started talking among neighbours and soon realized that this development would not only exacerbate the issues many of us have with flooding, but set a precedent to change the entire West End - without any cohesive planning vision in place.

We decided that we couldn't just sit back and watch this disaster of a development unfold right in front of our eyes - we had to take action.

Thanks for your interest in Save Beachwood, and we hope to get your support in our fight for a livable West End!

About Us: About Us
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