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Letter to the NVCA

Step-by-Step Guide

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Reach out to the NVCA

The Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority (NVCA) has a critical role in approving or denying this high-density development proposal.

Follow our Step-by-Step guide below to send a letter to the NVCA, asking them to stand firm on their recommendation to not approve the development as proposed.

1. Recipient of the Letter

Direct your letter to the following recipient:

Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority

Planning Department

Attention: Mr. Chris Hibberd

8195 8th Line
Ontario, L0M1T0

We recommend to send the letter to the NVCA as a hardcopy. Should you not be able to send a hardcopy and wish to use email instead, please direct the letter to

2. Subject

Use the following subject line:

Objection to Re-Zoning West of 74th Street between Shore Lane and Beachwood Road

3. Describe Yourself

Letters are most effective if they are unique and personal. Start off by describing yourself as a resident of the neighbourhood.

  • Talk about how long you have lived here

  • Why did you move here or stay here

  • What do you love about the neighbourhood 

4. Outline how you understand the development and why you oppose it

Discuss your understanding of the proposed development, and your personal concerns. Make sure to mention:

  • That this request relates to File No. OP02/21 (Official Plan Amendment), File No. ZBA 01/21 (Zoning By-Law Amendment), and File No. PS01/21 (Draft Plan of Vacant Land Condominium)

  • That the proposed development would irrevocably destroy protected coastal wetlands

  • That you don't agree with the proposal, based on the NVCA's own concerns and given that the developer has a questionable reputation as someone having ignored NVCA requirements in the past

5. Print, Sign and Send

Send a hardcopy of the letter to the NVCA. Ideally send copies of your letter either as hard copy or via email to others who are involved in the approval process for this application:

6. Let Us know!

Please let us know when you have sent your letter so we can keep track how many residents have already shared their concerns with the NVCA.

Send us an email to

Thank you for taking the time to craft a letter and helping all of your neighbours to stop this development!

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