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Send Letters of Support

Step-by-Step Guide

Send Letter to Town: Image

Letter to Town Planners

Follow our Step-by-Step guide below, or download the easy-to-customize Word template to send a letter to our Town Planner, asking them to not approve the re-zoning application.

Make sure your letter arrives prior to the Public Meeting scheduled for this application on August 19, 2021.

1. Recipient of the Letter

Direct your letter to the following recipient:

Town of Wasaga Beach

Planning Department

Attention: Mr. Danny Rodgers
30 Lewis Street, Wasaga Beach
Ontario, L9Z 1A1

We strongly recommend to send the letter to the Town Planner as a hardcopy. Should you not be able to send a hardcopy and wish to use email instead, please direct the letter to

2. Subject

Use the following subject line:

Objection to Re-Zoning West of 74th Street between Shore Lane and Beachwood Road

3. Describe Yourself

Letters are most effective if they are unique and personal. Start off by describing yourself as a resident of the neighbourhood.

  • Talk about how long you have lived here

  • Why did you move here or stay here

  • What do you love about the neighbourhood 

4. Describe the Proposed Development

Discuss your understanding of the proposed development. Make sure to mention:

  • That this request relates to File No. OP02/21 (Official Plan Amendment), File No. ZBA 01/21 (Zoning By-Law Amendment), and File No. PS01/21 (Draft Plan of Vacant Land Condominium)

  • That the plan is for a significant change from single-family homes that are allowed under the current zoning to one of high density housing that has never been done anywhere along the Shore Lane neighbourhoods

  • That the Official Plan already states that higher density housing is not suitable for this area

  • That it could bring multi-story buildings into a quiet area of traditional cottages and nice homes

  • That the development would be on the protected and beautiful wetlands

  • That the well-used trail through those wetlands to Betty Boulevard could be turned into a busy roadway

  • That the developer has a questionable reputation (criminally charged by the Competition Bureau recently) and may not be relied upon even to do what he has proposed, and could build much higher density housing instead

5. Describe Your Concerns

Talk about why you are opposed to this development. You could include the following:

  • Describe your view that such major exceptions to the Official Plan should not be driven by developers, especially in an area specifically designated as not suitable for higher density

  • Describe what you feel would be lost in terms of the character of the neighbourhood if multi-story condominiums or apartment blocks were to be dropped into it

  • Describe how you feel about the destruction of the wetlands (risk of flooding and degraded water quality in the bay), and the impact of this important wildlife habitat (we have a diversity of birds and animals living in those areas)

  • Describe your concerns about our Council supporting the demands of a developer with this type of reputation

6. Your Specific Requests to Planning Department

Let the Town Planning Department know what you want them to do.

  • Ask the Department not to support the application for re-zoning because of how it would impact your enjoyment of your home and your neighbourhood in very personal terms.

  • Possibly include some stories about enjoyable moments. 

  • Tell them how this major adverse change would make you feel about living here.

  • Optional: If you wish to be more specific, you could ask the Planning Department not to recommend the re-zoning application of Mr. Tony Romanin on the basis that it is contrary to the Official Plan, that it will destroy the traditional heritage character of the neighbourhood, that it will encourage further changes in the unique character of the broader Shore Lane neighbourhoods, and that the Town should not support developers with questionable reputations.

7. Print, Sign and Send

Send a hardcopy of the letter to our Town Planner. Ideally send copies of your letter either as hard copy or via email to all those who will decide to reject or approve this application:

8. Let Us know!

Please let us know when you have sent your letter so we can keep track how many residents have already shared their concerns with the Town.

Send us an email to

Thank you for taking the time to craft a letter and helping all of your neighbours to stop this development!

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