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Join our fight to stop high-density development in the West End of Wasaga Beach

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Update: Watch the recording of the Public Meeting held on August 19th 2021.

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Why Beachwood needs saving

Beachwood Road and Shore Lane run through residential neighbourhoods in the West End of Wasaga Beach (Ontario), where full time residents and cottagers enjoy the quiet atmosphere of single-family homes and green space nestled along the beaches of Georgian Bay. Residents are concerned that high-density development proposals will forever change the fabric of these neighbourhoods that are part of the historic heritage of Wasaga Beach.

If this development happens here and now, it could happen anywhere along Shore Lane in the future.

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In 2021, Beachwood Development Inc. submitted an R1-X, R3-X and R4-X re-zoning application to the Town of Wasaga Beach, paving the way for the construction of two 6-storey condo towers on a site west of 74th St between Beachwood Road and Shore Lane that includes NVCA protected wetlands.  

If the Town approves this plan, it would set a precedent for more developer-driven, high-density housing along Beachwood Road, potentially adding thousands of people to an area with virtually no commercial or service infrastructure, and doing so against the recommendations of the Town's current Official Plan to not increase density west of 71th Street.

It would even set a precedent for high-density potentially anywhere along Shore Lane, and mark the beginning of the destruction of this unique waterfront neighbourhood of cottages and single-family homes - and another piece of historic heritage in Wasaga Beach.

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Key Steps to Save Beachwood

We need to make our opposition heard now.
This is what we are asking for, and who needs to take action:

Reject Re-Zoning

Council, Wasaga Beach

We are asking our Mayor Nina Bifolchi and all Councillors of Wasaga Beach to reject the re-zoning application by Beachwood Development Inc. to rezone their property at Beachwood Rd west of 74th Street from its current R1 zoning to R1-X, R3-X and R4-X (File No. Z01/21), and for an amendment to the Official Plan (File No. OPA02/21) that would allow 215 residential units on that property

Protect Wetlands

NVCA (Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority)

We are asking the NVCA to not approve any development that would alter or endanger the Class 1 / Class 2 protected wetlands located on the proposed development site, and have the developer restore the site to its condition prior to the illegal draining and filling of existing wetlands that was performed by the developer without a permit.

Involve the Community

Nina Bifolchi, Mayor of Wasaga Beach

We are asking Nina Bifolchi, the Mayor of Wasaga Beach, to start an open dialogue with our community, and to develop an urban planning vision for the West End of Wasaga Beach prior to the Council accepting any one-off high-density rezoning applications in the area. We are not opposed to development - but we want our Town to drive urban planning based on public consultation, and we want our community to be heard.

Develop responsibly

Beachwood Development Inc.

We are asking Beachwood Development Inc. and Tony Romanin, owner of the proposed site and a resident of our community, to withdraw their rezoning application and to change their plans for the proposed site to develop within the existing R1 zoning, respecting the boundaries of the wetlands. Mr. Romanin would have a great opportunity to develop residential homes and add to the community while still generating a profitable return on his investment.

Show your support


Make your voice heard by sending a personal letter or email to Council, our Town Planner and the NVCA, or sign our online petition today!

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Why we oppose high-density developments along Beachwood and Shore Lane

We support responsible residential development in this area. But we have good reasons to reject this proposal - and here is why.


Lack of Supporting Infrastructure

Beachwood is on the fringes of Wasaga Beach, far away from businesses and services. The area is already suffering from inadequate drainage and frequent flooding. The area is not equipped to handle hundreds or even thousands of new residents.

Destruction of NVCA Protected Wetlands

The proposed development would destroy critical wetlands under Class 1 / Class 2 protection of the NVCA, which help to prevent flooding of existing residences in the neighbourhood and are critical to ensure water quality in Georgian Bay.


No to Developer-Driven Urban Planning

The Town's Official Plan specifically discourages medium- or high-density developments in the West End west of 71th Street. High-density should be considered in downtown Wasaga Beach to build our core and support growth of existing and new businesses nearby. High-density at the edges of town does not benefit our community.

Find out more about the proposed development and its consequences for Beachwood.

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